Sunday, 13 May 2012

Emo bullshit.

People are so quick to pretend they know all about everything. Call MCR emo, because you know all about them... you probably haven't even heard their music you just jump on what other people say. I hate this whole 'emo' stereotype. It's short for "emotional" uhhh isn't all music supposed to be emotional?? And then they say it's because of people who sing about death and upsetting stuff, even people like Tom Jones have mentioned suicide in some songs, doesn't mean he's 'emo'. Stop using that damn word. Also, the only reason MCR have wrote about death is because they're used to hearing their favourite bands write about similar stuff, e.g the smiths but no one ever calls the Smiths 'emo' do they... MCR have only mentioned death to try and STOP people being depressed and suicidal. Now people stop being ignorant.

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