Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Your Appearance

I wouldn't judge someone for having plastic surgery, (except those nipple hardeners... wtfz) but I don't see a point because you'll never be completely happy with the way you look. I'd love to change loads ot things about myself but if I get one thing done I'll want loads, not to mention how much money it cost that you could spend on things much more important than hoping to one day look 'perfect' which is impossible, so why worry about it? Just be happy with your imperfections.

Also, people always get upset about how they're judged (especially myself), firstly the people who complain about how you look are just insecure themselves, secondly, EVERYONE gets judged, you can never make anyone happy, skinny girls are 'twigs' and 'anorexic', big girls are 'fat', pale girls look 'ill', tanned girls look 'orange' the list goes on and on and on. So just ignore it instead of trying to change all the time, as long as you're healthy don't let your appearance make you so unhappy. Yes if you're weight is causing heart problems or something, get help, but not if people just thing you have big thighs or a big stomache or something else silly like that. There's nothing wrong with a bit of change but let's have some reason.

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