Thursday, 29 March 2012

Update time

So, as you've probably heard from me I'm trying hard to start a band recently with le Damien (guitarist). The other day we tried out Ryan (a drummer who i creepily asked if he has a band and if i could have his number...), and James and Matt (bass and guitar) who offered. It went reaally well, we had a laugh and got a few songs like DOWN, but I'm not really sure what's happening with those two cause they're like getting back with their old band :(. We liked the drummer though (Ryan) so if nothing goes wrong with him we have 3/5 band members; Me, Damien and Ryan. So we're looking for a hella cool bassist and guitarist, image/personality/dedication/talent are all quite important so it's kinda hard work... muh :(

On a lighter note.. it's been sooo warm in England this past week :) I went out with Damien shopping for a while and got a nomnom shakeaway milkshake (strawberry cheesecake, oreos and marshmallows) oh yes, i've seen Hannah a few times, sat out in the back with my cat alot and read up on my Kerrang magazines and that's about it. And I saw Sam ofcourse, the boyfriend..

We have two week off from college for Easter tomorrow so I'm hopefully gonna try EXTRA hard to find a job and find some cooool bassists and guitarists to try out, so yeah, BYE

Sunday, 18 March 2012


So it's just gone past mothers day and it's been about 18 month since my grandma / lil mama passed away, so I figured I'd say a little somthin about her :)
When I was youuunger, I used to stay at her house all the time, it was awesome, I always got the big chair and she'd tickle my feet for me even though I moved every time because I'm so ticklish lol :') she used to have this game on her TV which was basically just about buying strange fish and feeding them but I looved it :D
We used to play countdown on wallpaper because she didn't really bother with paper, and we used to have 'midnight feasts' even though it was about 8pm lol, and she'd have made me like chicken legs (I wasn't always veggie) and sandwiches and stuff :D she was hella cool. Ofcourse when I became a teenager I started spending less time with her but I'd still speak to her alot, she'd always say how much I ment to her and a couple of years ago I started watching Shane Dawson (youtube), and he posted a video of his grandma in the hospital and he was crying, and I realised I hadn't really spent time with my grandma in like a year or something, which isn't good... so I went to visit her a few days later and we just kinda watched TV and stuff. It was only about a week or so later than she passed away, so it's kind of lucky I saw that video, I should have visited her more often to be honest, but we all forget.

Happy Mothers day!

So I didn't get anough sleep because I was playing World of Warcraft trying different relms and stuffss... but I had a dream that Skrillex got me on stage to sing and I sang some Amy Winehouse and he said I was amazing :) lol awesomes.
Think I'ma visit grandmas grave with mum and that's about it.. not many plans again. Maybe I can pluck up the energy to make a video. Or maybe just play more world of warcraft :S I do have a college gig tomorrow though which I'm just nerrrvous about ... sigh. HAVE A NICE DAYYYY <3

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hey :D yes so uhm yes
Had a bit of a band practice kinda thing today, nothing definate yet though, kinda bored.. hmf. Excited to go the cinema on Tuesday :D haven't been in so long, i want some popcorn and ice blast aha :)) been loving youtube vlogs recently too.. i want the hunger games to come out so i can watch that. And it's so long untill I'm playing or watching any gigs :(
I need a job so bad :(
I love sleeping with sirens so much, only heard them recently, they remind me of pierce the veil, who are also AMAZING <3 gah they're both soo good, wish I could pull that off. And wish I could go warped tour AGAIN but have to live in friggin England :S muhhh