Thursday, 23 February 2012

God I completely forgot about my blogger !!

It's been a while...
I'm gonna go 'head and talk about my week :')
Sooo.. on Tuesday morning me and Damien (guitarist) had our first writing / practicing session, at 9am :| we'd both only had 3 hours sleep and I lost my bus pass ON the bus which was GUTTING but it went well I reckon we've got some cool shit to work on :) canny wait to get this band up and runnin.
Later that night I went to watch Skrillex at the Manchester Apollo with Sam (le boyfriend), and it was indeed different... the opening acts were on for way too long and my ears were hurting so much by the time Skrillex came on, but he was still awesome ofcourse :) the whole room was like a mosh pit... crazy, so different to my usual gigs. So anyways, after a while we went to the back of the room for a rest, and I look to left and my jaw drops when I notice Oli Sykes (vocalist of Bring me the horizon) I go over to maybe take a picture, but when I get next to him I notice his eyes are closed and he's leaning on the barrier, so I tapped his arm a few times, trying not to be too much of a pest :') when he looks up I notice he has snot down his face and his eyes just can't concentrate, I asked if he's alright but he could barely speak, i think he just about managed 'what?', so his friend said to me "sorry he can't have any pictures like this"! don't think he'd just had alchohol.. hope he's alright now though anyways.
Wednesday was quiet and I was expecting Thursday to be quite boring too, my only plans were to meet Danny for a minute just to sell him a ticket to my gig, then to college for like the whole day, but when I got to starbucks I turned around and saw Lights the singer ! Got a bit excited... lol, I told the woman to hold onto my toffee nut latte for a second (nom nom) and I went over and said "are you lights??" (had to double check, lol) and she said "yeah" with a big smile :) she's adorable, I asked for a picture, which was nice, and she asked if I was going to her gig and I said I didn't even know she was touring :( but that I'd covered second go on Youtube :) gave her a hug and said have a nice night and she said "you too", she was really nice so that made my day :) ah it's been a cool week.
This Saturday me and Sam are going to the Blackpool comes to Oldham fun fair for our year annaversary so that should be fun too cause he's cute :) yeya :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hm, I haven't posted in two week!

I'm a wee bit forgetful, but I have some stuff to say now :')
Firstly and most importantly; I like toast now, Kingsmill toastie thick slice for life.
Secindly; I'm in the process of starting a band and got a good feeling about it :) so far I have a definate guitarist sent to me by a friend, and a couple of maybe drummers. It's hard to find people who have the time for a band while having the right taste in music and talent. As soon as I get back in college I'll get to booking some rehearsal times so we can get on it asap!
Thirdly; I really need more money... got to pay my mum back for the PA system she bought me (£1000) and got to buy a Mac laptop and probably another amp soon. Jeez. I need to get alot more pub gigs booked, need to get paid.
Finally, south park is very strange. And I like watching Make Up blogs on Youtube.