Monday, 1 July 2013

Lyrics for my bands first EP

So, I'm in a band called Running with lions :) we're currently writing an EP that we'll record hopefully in September, we have like 4 solid songs so far so I feel like showing some of the lyrics :')
All our links so far:

Random chorus's verses from what we have of the EP so far:

You step into a world and it feels so unique,                        
But it’s just another freedom chaser, "love" teaching,
Is there really no other theme, that you can bring?...
You don’t need him to love you to love yourself,
You only get a break if you work before you sell,
And you might disagree but if means enough to me,
That I would speak my own thoughts with feeling.
We used to read each other like a really good book,
And I used to follow her by hook or crook,
We used to see each other with honey glazed eyes,
Sometimes I see a person I could almost despise.
I still love you now; maybe slightly less than then,
And yes you will always be my best friend,
But why haven’t you spoke to me in months?
Maybe you've changed just like I have…
I feel so lost when you’re away,
Like my music has stopped being played.
Just wasting time until I see you again, two more nights and a day.
Just wasting time until I see you again, and I can have you all my way.
You’re so addictive and I am a creep,
but no one on Earth can really satisfy me,
And my head’s like an old clock; just loud until it breaks,
Waiting for a fix, another big mistake.
I barely even know you, it’s a habit of mine,
To cling like a spider with a web to climb,
I’d Chew You Up And Spit You Out.
Kid you don’t even know me yet...It’s 4am and I’m locked out of my head again,
asking to get in, why is the ice always so thin?
Close enough to touch but not close enough to breathe you in,
lasting long enough to test the water to drown myself in.
So take my hand, we can ride through the sky.
I’ve accepted your roses you'll glide through my mind.
I’m singing along to the same song, that brought me here,
Every thought of each word, everything that I hear.
Oh how we've grown, the past 3 years
you’ve changed but you are still here
with me and forever we’ll be
So far from the beginning.
Going no where fast... going somewhere fast...
So set it off, to have it all, let me go with you, we have nothing to lose.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Rats for experiments

I'm not sure how I feel about this topic. Half of me understands why rats are used for so many experiments, because they do have a lot of similar qualities to us humans. But that's why they're special, they have similar illnesses to us, they like attention, etc, so in a way it makes sense to say "well if a few rats dying ends up with us finding the cure to cancer it's worth it", I can respect that, but are these tests honestly ever going to do something near that? We can't really know. With the technology scientists have, we can find out so much without even having to hurt another animal. Also, to my knowledge, the philidomide drug (not sure on the spelling) was tested on rats, and it worked fine on them, but when used on humans their offspring were born without some of their limbs, so although we do have similarities, we are not the same, the tests aren't defiant. If we tested possible cures on a rat, and they killed the rat, we would probably throw that cure away, but it COULD still work on a human. Anyway that's my thoughts on it.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Just be honest.

The x factor is a reality drama full of karaoke singers. I have nothing against any of the contestants, but 9 times out of 10 none of them have even wrote any of their own music, they're all just singing covers. Yeah they all have decent voices, but so does that woman on karaoke across the road, she probably has more charisma too. So let's not pretend it's about the contestants OR talent. It's about the judges, who they manipulate you into voting for and all that drama that everyone bitches about every year (calling it a fix) but yet they still watch. Every time without fail. Even when they get a bit of talent, someone who plays guitar, sings quite well and writes their own music, they just end up singing a shitty cover as soon as they get held of.
Let's give a few examples of this pathetic tv show.
A girl called 'Mischa B' was probably going to win the thing last year, until a certain judge (the most drama obsessed idiot of them all, Tulisa) sneakily hinted on stage that Mischa is a bully. Suddenly, everyone hates her. I wonder why? because no one can think for themselves, it's not about talent, it's about what the judges want to happen. What they want you to think, you think, then you vote. They don't NEED the voting system.
A few years ago Matt Cardle won, the X factor wanted someone to win who seemed like the average guy, so he did win, what happened to him? he was dropped from his management team. And can we guess why? because they wanted to put their time into One Direction. Because One Direction didn't win the competition, but the record label knew that they would be more successful after the show, because they're good looking teenage boys. They were put together by Simon Cowell because of their looks (after being kicked out for not having good enough voices), then they where given songs wrote by other people and promoted with too much money for me to think about. Well done, talent...
I'm sure I could talk about this a lot more, but please, if you're going to watch it, at least stop saying "it's a joke" and complaining about how it's "all about the entertainment factor" cause we all know it's not about talent and never was. Or even better, stop watching shows like the X factor and go to a local gig, or just go to YouTube, and find an actual musician who really is trying to get somewhere.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Favourite Bands:

Best ever (pretty much in order):

  1. Green Day
  2. My Chemical Romance
  3. Fall Out Boy
  4. Breathe Carolina
  5. Tonight Alive
  6. Bring me the horizon
  7. All time low
  8. Pierce the veil
  9. Sleeping with sirens
Other awesome bands / artists:
  1. Katy Perry
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. 3oh!3
  4. Lostprophets
  5. Paramore
  6. Of mice and men
  7. Ghost town
  8. Courage my love

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Suicide Silence vs One Direction...

1D fans have officially become worse than Beliebers, telling Mitch Luckers daughter (a five year old girl) to kill herself because her Dad plays rock music as opposed to pop... just after he died at the age of 28...
Sorry for the rant but let's start at the top; music. Mitch write his own music, 1-0 to Mitch. Mitch worked to get where he is, he wasn't put together by Simon Cowell due to being good looking, 2-0 to 
Mitch. Mitch earned fans through SS's music, where as 1D did covers on a karaoke contest called the 'X factor' and had millions of fans before they even recorded a song, not shallow at all that... P.S. Nothing against 1D as people, and their music isn't horrible, but remember they didn't write it, so they can't get credited for it. Nothing against all 1D fans either, just the completely fucking stupid ones who need either teaching about life or need a back hander. I also actually quite like Bieber, but most of his fans are equally as ignorant and pathetic as the One Direction fans that tell little girls to commit suicide...

Genuinely beginning to think that there is a connection between how nice you are as a person and what music you listen to...

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Sooo it's the week of Halloween :') an amazing Holiday. It just feels amazing around Halloween, the movies and everything, I'm not too much into horror movies but I love Halloween movies (Not the movie 'halloween' with the rape scene and stuff, I hate that film :S) but stuff like nightmare before Christmas :D it's awesome. I'm still not sure what exactly I'm doing for Halloween but I've planned my outfit, Tim Burton inspired look, lacey black dress with a collar, I'm sewing on some buttons and wearing pale make up with black eyes and a black and white zombie kind of look :') looking forward to that. May just go to the cinema dressed up and watch Frankenweenie again. Also, I never want to grow up. I LOVE Christmas and Halloween cause I can completely be a kid, I don't want it to ever change. Although it has already of course changed from how it used to be but not as much as with most people.

Back Again

Haven't done a propper blog in months. So a lot has probably happened *hopefully* otherwise, awkward. Started writing my album, so extra extra stress and anxiety hoping it all goes ok :S I met Austin Carlile and fell in love with him. I went to a Manchester Youtube meet up called SDM and met some amazing subscribers and also Lukeisnotsexy and Bribry :') so there'll be a vlog about that soon :) Also going London again soon for UK Warped tour :D can't wait to go shopping there too.
So, that's all I can think of blahing about atm, will hopefully start using this properly again soon.