Sunday, 28 October 2012


Sooo it's the week of Halloween :') an amazing Holiday. It just feels amazing around Halloween, the movies and everything, I'm not too much into horror movies but I love Halloween movies (Not the movie 'halloween' with the rape scene and stuff, I hate that film :S) but stuff like nightmare before Christmas :D it's awesome. I'm still not sure what exactly I'm doing for Halloween but I've planned my outfit, Tim Burton inspired look, lacey black dress with a collar, I'm sewing on some buttons and wearing pale make up with black eyes and a black and white zombie kind of look :') looking forward to that. May just go to the cinema dressed up and watch Frankenweenie again. Also, I never want to grow up. I LOVE Christmas and Halloween cause I can completely be a kid, I don't want it to ever change. Although it has already of course changed from how it used to be but not as much as with most people.

Back Again

Haven't done a propper blog in months. So a lot has probably happened *hopefully* otherwise, awkward. Started writing my album, so extra extra stress and anxiety hoping it all goes ok :S I met Austin Carlile and fell in love with him. I went to a Manchester Youtube meet up called SDM and met some amazing subscribers and also Lukeisnotsexy and Bribry :') so there'll be a vlog about that soon :) Also going London again soon for UK Warped tour :D can't wait to go shopping there too.
So, that's all I can think of blahing about atm, will hopefully start using this properly again soon.