Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'm boring

So I've spent the day on World of warcraft, and I've done some work too but I need help :( muh.

My knees almost healed... basically I feel over like 6 month ago, my knees are still red from that, but at Slam Dunk on Saturday I fell and grazed my left knee AGAIN. How aggravating. It was a good day though :) I watched Say anything first (funn), then tried to catch a bit of 'Of mice and men' but the room was sooo full, I met a cool American girl though, she had a fox tail like me :') lol, then I saw the Blackout and got the first two Taking back Sunday songs :) ohh and I met motion city soundtrack, saw Adam Lazzara, and propperly met two guys from Say Anything, they came around to talk to my boyfriend (he was wearing one of their shirts) so they thanked him for the support, blessss

I also got tickets for the UK warped tour date and I'm EXCITEEED to see BMTH and Breathe Carolina :D hopefully I'll get to see 3oh!3 too, quite like them, actually got both their albums.. but I seriously LOVE Breathe Carolina and Bring me the horizon, and I've wanted to go to warped tour for yeeears but this is the first UK date in 13 years. EXCITE. It's all the way down in London, which means money = gone, but it's gonna be goood like a nice miniature Holiday :D yeyeyeyey

Oh and I'll be uploading some new origional material to my youtube ( really soon, one this Saturday and another maybe the week after :)

Biz - Liz.

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