Friday, 18 May 2012

Please Youtube ...

Google is ruining Youtube. Like seriously. People like me are losing so many subscribers / views. Youtube is what I need to get noticed and it's some peoples full time careers. And we're all losing out because of Youtube working with Google. Youtube understood those of us who want to work propperly and earn a fan base by trying hard and being honestly noticed. But google has fucked it over. People like myself, Onision, Shane Dawson, etc are seriously suffering because of Youtubes newer bad choices. What now?? It's not fair. They will lose their careers and I will have no idea how to get my career going anymore, because Managers, A&R guys etc have cought onto the talent on youtube but only if someone already has a fan-base, how can I get a fan-base now that people are leaving Youtube? Youtube will be down by 2014. Definately. Youtube has forgotten what we love about it and soon it'll be gone like Myspace. Thanks google+..... for ruining one of the best inventions within the last decade.
Honestly youtube the best thing you could do is to put it back the way it was a year or two a go and GET OUT of this contract with google that's over-complicating and ruining the whole website. There are some people who will literally lose their houses if Youtube is ruined the same way Myspace was. If Myspace had stayed the way it was in 2005 it would still be huge, and I can see the exact same thing happening to Youtube within the next year.

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  1. Why what's happening, why are people leaving? x