Thursday, 29 March 2012

Update time

So, as you've probably heard from me I'm trying hard to start a band recently with le Damien (guitarist). The other day we tried out Ryan (a drummer who i creepily asked if he has a band and if i could have his number...), and James and Matt (bass and guitar) who offered. It went reaally well, we had a laugh and got a few songs like DOWN, but I'm not really sure what's happening with those two cause they're like getting back with their old band :(. We liked the drummer though (Ryan) so if nothing goes wrong with him we have 3/5 band members; Me, Damien and Ryan. So we're looking for a hella cool bassist and guitarist, image/personality/dedication/talent are all quite important so it's kinda hard work... muh :(

On a lighter note.. it's been sooo warm in England this past week :) I went out with Damien shopping for a while and got a nomnom shakeaway milkshake (strawberry cheesecake, oreos and marshmallows) oh yes, i've seen Hannah a few times, sat out in the back with my cat alot and read up on my Kerrang magazines and that's about it. And I saw Sam ofcourse, the boyfriend..

We have two week off from college for Easter tomorrow so I'm hopefully gonna try EXTRA hard to find a job and find some cooool bassists and guitarists to try out, so yeah, BYE

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