Sunday, 18 March 2012


So it's just gone past mothers day and it's been about 18 month since my grandma / lil mama passed away, so I figured I'd say a little somthin about her :)
When I was youuunger, I used to stay at her house all the time, it was awesome, I always got the big chair and she'd tickle my feet for me even though I moved every time because I'm so ticklish lol :') she used to have this game on her TV which was basically just about buying strange fish and feeding them but I looved it :D
We used to play countdown on wallpaper because she didn't really bother with paper, and we used to have 'midnight feasts' even though it was about 8pm lol, and she'd have made me like chicken legs (I wasn't always veggie) and sandwiches and stuff :D she was hella cool. Ofcourse when I became a teenager I started spending less time with her but I'd still speak to her alot, she'd always say how much I ment to her and a couple of years ago I started watching Shane Dawson (youtube), and he posted a video of his grandma in the hospital and he was crying, and I realised I hadn't really spent time with my grandma in like a year or something, which isn't good... so I went to visit her a few days later and we just kinda watched TV and stuff. It was only about a week or so later than she passed away, so it's kind of lucky I saw that video, I should have visited her more often to be honest, but we all forget.

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