Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Normally I stay away from this topic, because everyone has different views on religion. Even all Christians have different individual views on what they believe and what they think is right and wrong. But this is my personal opinion. The last thing I want to come across through this message is that I'm belittling anyone for their beliefs, Christianity is fine, Islam is fine, Judaism is fine, etc, but evil is not fine. I am open to the idea of a God and some kind of life after death, but I don't think it's as simple as some religions make it out to be. It's not "follow these rules or you're going to hell", it's about being a good person and finding peace and love. The Bible was not wrote by God, no one can disagree with me on that, it wasn't even wrote by Jesus. It was wrote by some men who claimed to know Jesus and what he preached. Emphasis on the word 'men'. Humans make mistakes, humans can be rapists, murderers, bullies, they can be anything from the most evil I can imagine to most loving I can imagine, and they were the people who wrote the Bible. Along with the fact it's strange no women had a part in writing the Bible and women were apparently created after men, in the story of Adam and Eve man was created and then he wanted something to keep him entertained, which is us little women. Firstly, I can see the Bible is sexist. Secondly the Bible is contradictory, 'We are all Gods children' but yet it also says things that hint towards racism and homophobia and also that animals are lesser than us. It tells us to look after all Gods creations but then tells us we are greater than a pigeon so it's ours to use. The Bibles hate is disguised by some more well known phrases that seem loving, such as 'Thou shall not murder" and "love thy neighbour". But what about all the other stuff it says? such as "God sent Moses to rape all the Median women". Rape is not Christian. It's in humane and disgusting. Think about all the people who are evil and use the Bible as a reason for what they do, it causes so much hate and war. Think about the Westboro baptist church, "God hates fags", "God hates America", "Thank God for 9/11". They are getting their information from the Bible. I say we forget about the Bible and if you believe in God, then believe in God, and he would want us not to live in fear and hate like the writers of the Bible want us to, he (or maybe a she?) would want us to love each other and to be peaceful. Every Christian has different rules and believes, partially because of the Bible being contradictory, but mainly because they're still people, and all people have different believes and morality. Some Christians smoke weed, some have sex before marriage, some are gay, but some Christians think all of those things would send you to hell. I think as long as you're a good person and you're not really hurting anyone, what's the problem? Believe in love, music, happyness, peace, etc, not in homophobia, sexism, racism and hate. God would not want that. Bottom line is, religion is fine, but it should come from a feeling, not from words wrote by a few men you've never met, cause they couldn't seem to agree either. And if one of his desciples could be Judas, who says the rest were so perfect?


  1. Well said Lizzie,I couldn't agree with you more. I judge people on their humanity and their behaviour towards others, not their colour, creed or religion.

  2. you just basically took the words out of my mouth. I agree one hundred percent about all you said here! You have such a down to earth and loving view on life, I just couldnt agree more. you are awesome! =)