Monday, 19 December 2011


I figured my first real post shouldn't be like a diary entry, more of a statement. Bullies come in all different types; rapists, elderly or child abuse, animal cruelty, ignorant high schoolers, etc. And all need to be put right or put away. There's not much I can do personally to try and stop bullying, but I try to help the victims of bullying, and so should everyone else when they can. Everyone has to remember to be strong, the kind of people who are weak enough to bully, probably do it to feel strong because they get bullied at home or because they're insecure about something. That is not a reflection on you, never let peer pressure get to you and remember there's always someone to put your trust in, a parent, a teacher, maybe the law or just a call centre for victims of bullying. If you know of someone harming an animal, please call RSPCA, if you hear domestic abuse, please call the Police, if you hear someone being bullied for their t-shirt / hair / piercings or whatever, make sure they know it's not their problem, it's the bullies problem. A few years ago a girl was beaten to death because of wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt, things like this happen allot, not to mention the suicides caused by bullies. Bullies need to be educated on what they're doing and taught better before it gets worse, not treated like they're 'just being kids'. People who kill animals usually end up wanting to hurt humans too. The least we can do is make sure the victims don't hurt themselves. Don't be afraid. The bad people in the world aren't resting so why should we.

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