Sunday, 25 November 2012

Just be honest.

The x factor is a reality drama full of karaoke singers. I have nothing against any of the contestants, but 9 times out of 10 none of them have even wrote any of their own music, they're all just singing covers. Yeah they all have decent voices, but so does that woman on karaoke across the road, she probably has more charisma too. So let's not pretend it's about the contestants OR talent. It's about the judges, who they manipulate you into voting for and all that drama that everyone bitches about every year (calling it a fix) but yet they still watch. Every time without fail. Even when they get a bit of talent, someone who plays guitar, sings quite well and writes their own music, they just end up singing a shitty cover as soon as they get held of.
Let's give a few examples of this pathetic tv show.
A girl called 'Mischa B' was probably going to win the thing last year, until a certain judge (the most drama obsessed idiot of them all, Tulisa) sneakily hinted on stage that Mischa is a bully. Suddenly, everyone hates her. I wonder why? because no one can think for themselves, it's not about talent, it's about what the judges want to happen. What they want you to think, you think, then you vote. They don't NEED the voting system.
A few years ago Matt Cardle won, the X factor wanted someone to win who seemed like the average guy, so he did win, what happened to him? he was dropped from his management team. And can we guess why? because they wanted to put their time into One Direction. Because One Direction didn't win the competition, but the record label knew that they would be more successful after the show, because they're good looking teenage boys. They were put together by Simon Cowell because of their looks (after being kicked out for not having good enough voices), then they where given songs wrote by other people and promoted with too much money for me to think about. Well done, talent...
I'm sure I could talk about this a lot more, but please, if you're going to watch it, at least stop saying "it's a joke" and complaining about how it's "all about the entertainment factor" cause we all know it's not about talent and never was. Or even better, stop watching shows like the X factor and go to a local gig, or just go to YouTube, and find an actual musician who really is trying to get somewhere.

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