Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Update and Summer in the City

Been about a month since I made a post on here, actually been kinda busy.
I went for an archery lesson not long ago, wrote two songs to record soon, want to start recording MP3's more as well as videos, I'm concentrating more on my solo music cause I still can't find a band :S
The best thing that's happened this past month (probably the whole year) is that I managed to get a train to London over night for Summer In The City :D I went down with a subscriber who was SO fun, we met PJ Liguori, we both kind of knew him before we knew each other so he had curious eyes, haha, we met Dan Howell (hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng), Chris Kendall and Sam Pepper mainly. We met quite a few other people but I think they're the only ones I was already subscribed to. They were all awkward in one way or another and Sam P is equally as strange in person as I expected lmao, Dan looked slightly lost without Phil but he was still nice, I made a bit of a fool of myself in front of Chris so he probably thinks I'm annoying :') I met a few subscribers as well which is always lovely :D PJ was definitely the nicest (and best looking in my opinion) in real life.
I've been on Younow quite often recently, it's a really good website where you can live broadcast and earn subscribers :) I've been able to guest broadcast with two of my fave Youtubers, PJ and Jim Chapman :) they were both very nice and their viewers weren't hatey with me :'D
It's been another over-all good month! Thinking on positives :)

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