Monday, 6 February 2012

Hm, I haven't posted in two week!

I'm a wee bit forgetful, but I have some stuff to say now :')
Firstly and most importantly; I like toast now, Kingsmill toastie thick slice for life.
Secindly; I'm in the process of starting a band and got a good feeling about it :) so far I have a definate guitarist sent to me by a friend, and a couple of maybe drummers. It's hard to find people who have the time for a band while having the right taste in music and talent. As soon as I get back in college I'll get to booking some rehearsal times so we can get on it asap!
Thirdly; I really need more money... got to pay my mum back for the PA system she bought me (£1000) and got to buy a Mac laptop and probably another amp soon. Jeez. I need to get alot more pub gigs booked, need to get paid.
Finally, south park is very strange. And I like watching Make Up blogs on Youtube.

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